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        2. Hello, welcome to Dongguan Sunlit Security Equipments Co. Ltd.! Chinese| Collection| Home| Contact us
          Company profile

          Sunlit security equipment (DG) Co., Ltd.

          Business department: contact person

          America: Mr. Wilson Cheung
          E-mail: info@sunlit-tech.com

          Europe & Africa: Mr. Ezreal Gao
          E-mail: sunlit@sunlit-tech.com

          Asia & Australia: Miss 

          E-mail: sales@sunlit-tech.com

          Address:#28 Qingtang Rd Youganpu Industrial Area Fenggang Dongguan China


          Foreign trade salesman (English) - Dongguan City, Li Li security equipment Co., Ltd.
          Company size: 25-50 people
          Company nature: private enterprise
          Company industry: security products manufacturing / import and export
          Work experience: one year or above is preferred.
          Job nature and time: full time, 8*6 hours, enjoy legal holidays (working hours in the morning can be flexible)
          Education requirements: college or above
          Position monthly salary: 2000-5000+ additional percentage of the business commission (in accordance with the ability to decide)
          Recruitment number: 3-5 person
          Job location: Fenggang, Dongguan (only 5 minutes from Shenzhen)
          Foreign trade business / Trade Commissioner / Assistant
          Job description: foreign trade business development, follow-up and maintenance, platform maintenance
          Qualifications: Ali operating, made in China, and other B2B platform, familiar with process of foreign trade, a strong sense of responsibility, have some experience in business development, careful and have patience, level 4 or above in English, fluent in reading and writing, heard accessibility.
          Company is equipped with resources: the company has a global trade, global resources, IN CHINA MADE and other platforms, there is a good basis for foreign trade, but also often take part in the domestic and international professional security exhibition.
          Release date: 2016-07-01
          Job requirements and job seekers:
          1, you are a network of enthusiasts, the day is not the Internet will let you heart itch;
          2, you are diligent, persistent learning, always maintain a beginner's mind;
          3, you are not easily satisfied with the status quo, hope that through unremitting efforts to have a new breakthrough;
          4, you like to do with others network, telephone or face to face communication;
          5, you have the courage to challenge, dare to bear, do not escape the responsibility;
          6, you are a frank person, can quickly get to know new friends and let each other trust;
          7, you are not afraid of suffering and tired, not afraid to repeat the same work every day and habits to find fun;
          8, you are good at summing up, and learn from failure to successful experience
          1, the basic salary (interview) + sales + excess award + outstanding contribution award + year-end bonus
          2, according to the law to enjoy legal holidays;
          3, after the signing of the contract to buy social security;
          4, if you are good enough, you can have some of the company's equity, the realization of the dream of a small boss"
          Product main sales area and platform:
          South America, South Africa, most of Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries; Amazon, integrity and other electronic business platform!
          Main products:
          Alarm host, probe, on the radio, smoke, gas, alarm and intelligent home system, camera, video intercom systems
          Contact: 0769-84553230 Yuki
          Electronic Engineer
          An 3-4.5K Engineering Department |1 people | Guangdong Dongguan |3 06 hours a day before refresh academic requirements college work experience 2 years age 25-40 gender is not limited to the current location is not restricted
          1, college degree or above, major in electronic technology or related;
          Three, more than 2 years of electronic product development experience, familiar with the MCU programming;
          3. Familiar with the testing principles and methods of common test equipment and electronic products;
          4, the electronic circuit drawing has a deeper understanding and application;
          5, good electronic circuit analysis experience, with independent processing, analysis of the production line of abnormal problems; good communication and coordination ability, have pioneering spirit, rich group of spirit and innovation consciousness, have certain compressive capacity.